Wish You Were Here: Salina, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


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So, I’ve been going to this place in Sicily for the last few years.

It’s a tiny island, and it’s silly gorgeous. It’s called the Isola di Salina, and it’s part of the Aeolian Island chain off the coast of Sicily.

The Aeolian Islands are the Hawaii of Italy.

Last year I even invited a bunch of friends, ‘cause it’s just too darn pretty and I wanted to show them this little corner of the earth that I’ve completely fallen in love with.

I celebrated my birthday on this tiny island, because I love letting my friends in on my best finds and sharing the love. And the cocktails. And the pasta. And the boat trips.

It was a gorgeous night. What perfect Italian evenings are made of.

As amazing as this place is, not many people travel here (besides Italians and a smattering of Europeans).

But the ones who do keep coming back. Because they know they’ll have the place all to themselves.

Here are some shots of us celebrating my birthday last year.

At the bottom I list some of my fave things to do on Salina.

What to do on Salina, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Rent a scooter. Zip around the islands to the black sand beaches of Rinella and catch sunset aperitivi at Bar l’Oasi in Pollara.

There are great hotels in Salina. We love Hotel La Salina Borgo di Mare, Hotel Mercanti di Mare, and Hotel Signum. My friend also owns this fantastic villa.

Go to the beach! Rinella has black sand, Malfa has a rocky but adorable beach with a great cafe. You can swim in Pollara (right where the Italian movie Il Postino was filmed). Or in Lingua (you must eat at Adolfo).

Rent a boat or join a day tour to go visit the other islands of Stromboli, Panarea, and Lipari. Vulcano is famous for sulfur water spas.

Getting to Salina isn’t the easiest thing to do if it’s your first time. If this is a place you would like to see, you can join our Sicily tour for women. Salina is on our itinerary!

Are you thinking you may need to check out Sicily and see what all the fuss is about? Do you have any unforgettable birthday travel memories? Share them with us in the comments below!

Image credits: Stefano Butturini (except header)

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Ellie Morstad
Ellie Morstad

Hi Bianca Been following you with envy for a long time. Your travels look so inviting. I’ve never been to Italy. Your birthday blog looked wonderful. Next year will be our 50th anniversary. We (Wayne and I) thought we might celebrate by renting a place for a month or so… Read more »


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