Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2019?

And then we’re in 2020, baby!

Which begs the question… what would you love to do with the rest of 2019?

I’m hankering for an adventure! Like a doing-something-I’ve-never-done-before adventure. I’m a big dreamer, so thinking big for me means plotting out new ways to build the company, new real estate purchases (if I lay eyes on a crumbling masserie in Puglia, hold me back!), or hatching plans for exciting family experiences (sailing and homeschooling our 10 year old).

On that note …  I have a list of adventures below.

With 2019 almost half finished, it’s time to put something fun on the books for yourself! Don’t wait until November to be like, oh no, where did the year go?

Plan something now you can do in the next 6 months — life is precious so it’s important to organize your time accordingly. Traveling takes good health — so if you have that, get going. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but you never know what’s around the corner (so many people in my life have been taken by cancer, for example). Don’t delay your dreams.

Here are a few resources and inspiration for a new adventure.


If you dream of throwing in the towel some day and buying a villa in the countryside, why not try that lifestyle out? There are plenty of farm stays, agriturismi, masserie and all that jazz throughout Italy (and Europe) and you can find opportunities to volunteer in exchange for room and board. Websites like WorkAway and Wwoof  are the main places to browse worldwide volunteer experiences.

Work Remotely:

If you have J.O.B. — how about negotiating remote work with your boss? It’s not just for millennials, ya know. Google “negotiate working remotely” and let that reality sink in. The reality of still getting your paycheck, but getting it in a beautiful place in the world. Wanna investigate being a contracted remote worker? Try sharing your skills on Upwork (we often hire from there). There are another 1000 ways to work remotely. That’s for another post. 


If you dream of sailing the world, here’s how some couples have done it. I love watching Sailing la Vagabonde as they are cruising around the world. With a baby! Yeah, baby! Other great sailing-the-world YouTube binge watches are here. Want to volunteer to crew on a boat? You’ll dig perusing Crew Seekers.

Au Pairs:

If you’re young and looking for your first taste of international life, have you considered being an au pair ? Alternatively, if you’re older and have a house and children, why not hire an au pair and let your littles be exposed to new languages and people? We’ve hosted au pairs several times and it’s fabulous! I can’t say enough good things about it. Having an au pair live with you is my ultimate busy parent hack.

Pack your Trailmix:

What about hiking? Wandering? Naturing? Here are some ideas for doing that in Europe: the El Camino del Ray (Spain), GR 20 (Corsica), Knivskjellodden (Norway), Bernese Highlands (Switzerland), Mont Blanc (France).

I hope these ideas have helped get your gears going for new ideas. Join the the itchy feet club!

Want more intel on how to adventure?  Check out these other articles for further inspo!


Please comment! Where are you dreaming of going? Please share with others below. People come from all over the interwebs to read so help them out with your great ideas.


Thanks for checking out our blog!

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  1. A long time dream is finally coming true, as my husband and I will be hiking the Italian Alps in June! We’ll be hiking through the Gran Paradiso park and staying at quant-off-the-grid huts for a week. Some people may not want to hike 10 miles a day with a 20 pound pack, but I love this type of adventure! We’ll spent two days in Aosta to soak in the thermal baths and rejuvenate before heading to Florence to fly home. We did the same sort of trip in Switzerland two years ago, and our goal is to hike the alps in all the European countries. Next year it maybe France!

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