This is day three of a seven day series celebrating the Cinque Terre.
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Above photos by Eric Kim.

About the photographer: Eric Kim is an international street photographer based in Los Angeles. He blogs, writes, and constantly shoots street photography. Check out his blog at Eric Kim Photography.

Above photos by Marina De Pian.

About the photographer: Argentinian photographer Marina De Pian spent a decade living in the Cinque Terre village of Monterosso al Mare. She has returned to Argentina but continues to share her photos of Monterossso on her blog Monterosso Nascosta.

Above photos by Lomoody Mo.

About the photographer: Hong Kong resident Lomoody Mo works in film and television as a computer graphic lighting artist. He shoots street photography, and snapshots and has a current fascination with landscapes. The highlights of his European travels are getting lost in the mazes of the small cities. She is always ready with her camera.

 Lo Moody recounts his trip to Vernazza,

Among the five villages in the Cinque Terre, I like Vernazza the most, so I chose it as the focus of my one day trip. These photos were taken this last summer, while I waited alone for the sunset from shore.
Enjoying the sunset is a must-do activity there. You can see how the dramatic sunlight shines on the sea, shading the colourful houses, painting an atmosphere filled with ocean & cliff, and filling the whole town with a romantic mood.  Brighten your heart with a sunset; it is free.
I can’t believe that a torrent of rain has come down to flood the town. Nonetheless, I won’t forget how nice it is and I pray for a speedy recovery for the town and its people.


Floods in the Cinque Terre:

This photographic tribute captures exceptional images taken before floods hit the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprised of five villages built on the terraced slopes of Italy’s northwest coast.

Heavy floods that started on October 25, 2011 have severely damaged the villages of Vernazza and Monterosso in the Cinque Terre and surrounding towns in the province of Liguria and northern Tuscany. People have lost their homes and businesses and some have sadly lost their lives. Find out more here.

Government money has been donated to the region to help rebuild it; but it is not enough. People and organizations have rallied together to collect money that is desperately needed and I urge you to join us. You will find these following three payments gateways secure and require just three minutes of your time.

1) The non-profit society Save Vernazza was created to pro-actively raise funds and awareness for Vernazza via the English speaking community. They are accepting donations through Paypal. All funds collected will be directed towards the immediate efforts of rebuilding Vernazza, one of the two towns most affected in the Cinque Terre.

2) The Italian Red Cross is also accepting donations to assist in rebuilding all the towns in Liguria and northern Tuscany that were involved in this disaster. Donations are payable online via credit card. Please follow my payment instructions for NON- Italian addresses. Step 1: Go to the Italian Red Cross. Step 2: Using the drop down menu choose “Emergency Tuscany and Liguria”. Enter your donation in Euros. In the “zip” field enter 00000. Leave the “State” field blank. Choose your country (for USA choose Stati Uniti). Step 3: Choose payment method: Use a credit card; Paypal may not be accepted without an Italian address.

3) The City Hall of Monterosso is accepting Paypal donations. Monterosso al Mare was one of the two towns within the Cinque Terre most affected. This site is in Italian.

Thank-you for your support. TOGETHER we can do amazing things. History is PROOF! xxx Bianca


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    1. You are right! The situation is more than back to normal. I just came back from seeing all the Cinque Terre villages and all I can say is: unbelievable. You have all worked so hard to restore the villages to their beauty. Cinque Terre: Just go!

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