When we stay with clients in Palermo (the first stop on our Sicily tour) we like to visit historic Palazzo Conte Federico for a private viewing. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Palermo, and  part of it contains the original fortress walls that protected the city. Built in the 12th century, it’s filled with art and antiques and frescoes from all eras. With a history like this, it’s quite the place. But what’s unique about this palazzo is that the original family still inhabits it — it’s really a living museum, and they work to keep it in the family. So many of these grand palaces in Italy get sold and turned into hotels — I mean, can you imagine the cost of upkeep on a place that has 20+ rooms? (Some weeks I can’t even keep my own closet organized.) The private palace does have a small collection of apartments that are available for rent — here’s the link. Airbnb on steroids? Yup! (PS: The photo is of the palace, not the rentals.)


There is only one way to start off your first day in Palermo, Sicily, and that is with a cannoli and a coffee. Cannolisimo has a whole cabinet full of cannoli, and as part of your Sicilian mission to consume a stupid amount of carbs before you get on your flight back home, you’ll be right on track at this locale.


You’ve still got a couple more days to check out Euroflora 2022, held in Genova, just a few hours north of where we host our Cinque Terre tour. It’s on until Sunday, which also happens to be Mother’s Day. Euroflora is considered the biggest international exhibition dedicated to flowers and gardens. They have little bar areas set up throughout the grounds so you can stop, sit back, and smell the flora while you stare at the Mediterranean behind you. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamme out there — all of us at Italian Fix wish you a beautiful day.


There’s a June opening on our Cinque Terre trip that has just become available  — and this tour has been sold out for MONTHS. We have one private room up for grabs. Does it have your name on it? For anyone booking a last minute trip this year, booking a pre-organized tour is the way to go. Skip the logistics drama that is post-pandemic travel and come on a sure thing. The hotel, day tours, and transport has been booked for over a year, and you just get to slide right on in and take advantage of all the pre-planning (not to mention the fact we’ve been running this signature trip for 10 years!). Send us an email and let us know you’re interested and we can send you more deets. It runs from June 19-26, 2022. PS: This beach is just a few steps from the hotel.


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