How many times have you almost booked the perfect flight and dreamy hotel on an impulse at 1 am, only to hurriedly close your browser tabs and think to yourself: maybe solo travel isn’t for me.

I know. It can feel intimidating.

But I also feel that every woman should travel by themselves at some point, because I’ve heard too many wow stories from women reporting that solo travel was a game changer for them.

What if you could…

Request the vacation time off from work, and walk back to your desk with tan lines and a new appreciation for Pina Coladas?

Open all your saved bookmarks about planning your solo trip to Italy, India, Iceland or whatever has tickled your fancy forever – and make tangible plans?

Scrounge around in your closet and wipe the dust off your carry-on, preparing for a new adventure?

Buy a bikini prematurely to get your vacation wheels – and some heads – turning?

Guess what?

You can do it all. Without waiting on anyone.

Do you really know… you?

It may seem obvious, but if you haven’t spent time alone outside your comfort zone before, I’m pretty sure this question is on your mind too.

Think about how much of your life is spent in the service of others.

Whether we’re at home, work or traveling with friends – ultimately, our needs aren’t usually put first.

Over time, they dissolve and blend into our family and social groups, leaving us feeling like we’re not entirely sure who we would be if we were by ourselves, without anyone’s agenda but our own.

That’s the beauty of solo travel.

It’s your moment to just be you. And it can be ridiculously liberating.

You can wake up late and visit that museum tomorrow, because you want to sleep in and order room service instead.

You can lounge by the beach in Capri all day and finish your holiday read, because why not?

You might even make a new friend over a plastic cup of vino in a piazza, and come home at 3 am.

And no one will stop you.

Getting to know yourself is tough work, and it’s continuous. (In fact, we recommend one solo trip every couple of years.)

You might be in the midst of a career change, navigating life after the kids have left for college, or ready to finally splurge on yourself.

Either way, don’t wait.

Life is short, and we all know it goes by way too fast.

solo travel woman smiling oveer Cinque Terre

You’ll open yourself up to unexpected opportunities.

We’ve heard the stories from our solo female travelers before: when you set forth on your own, magical things could happen.

They found the best friend they never knew they needed, in our intimate group trip to Cinque Terre.

They made new business partners that stood the test of time and brought their dream product to life.

They sat on a bench with a 70-year old Italian grandmother and had the most fascinating conversation about parmigiano reggiano.

And they’re not the only ones. Traveling alone had a profound impact on our team too, and on countless women across the world.

The point is this: think about all the things that aren’t happening to you when you don’t open yourself up fully to the potential that waits for you when you leave your driveway.

You can optin to good company at your convenience

I feel you.

As magical as your trip might be, we all know that time with other humans is needed to maintain your sanity, and well – it can be lonely going it solo, full steam ahead.

It’s all about baby steps.

That’s why our small group trips are the perfect fit for the traveler who wants to take her time alone at the galleria in the afternoon and laugh out loud with her new crew over an Aperol spritz in the evening, poolside.

In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret: for many of our guests who want to take the path less-traveled in Italy – but don’t want the stress that comes with planning – our trips are their excuse to finally book that ticket and get themselves to travel solo.

They add a couple of days at the beginning and the end to set off and do their thing, and we get to hang out in the middle. Perfetto.

solo travel in a small group setting

We know there’s comfort and security in a small group.

And when it involves glorious, sun-drenched days on the Amalfi Coast, the city of Matera or the countryside of Puglia (in Southern Italy) without having to drag your suitcase over cobblestones every day or worry about scouring TripAdvisor hotel reviews, it’s kinda perfect.

The bottom line: even if your next dream destination isn’t Italy, booking a group tour here and there to get your face time with other humans and enjoy a meal with someone else can be an easy solution.

And even if you want just one day in a group, you can join us on one of our Day Tours in the Cinque Terre or Florence.

You do you.

Your next adventure awaits…

… And take comfort in knowing that you won’t be the first to take the plunge.

Think of yourself as following in the steps of past solo explorers. From Byron to Shelley and Keats, even the Romantic poets escaped dreariness to settle into the welcoming warmth of Italy, and the rest is history.

Many an adventurer has braved it all and been inspired to embark on their own: whether it was on a ship, carriage or a plane with wifi, you’ll follow in the footsteps of past wanderers all seeking out something special.

It might be solace, self-discovery or… A chance to just see what happens or just a dang fine excuse to put those miles to use.

solo travel woman smiling in the sunset light

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What’s next on your itinerary?

I want to know!

Share with us: where have you always dreamed of journeying to and why has it never materialized? What city are you picturing in your mind right now? What excites and scares you about solo travel? Tell us in the comments below.

Image Credits: Azzurra Biaggi, Caroline White

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  1. I traveled all over Europe and America in my 20’s as a backpacker, I always met people along the way and have wonderful memories of those days. Now I have a 17 year old daughter who is making her first solo ( with three friends and one parent) trip to Florence and it feels like life is coming full circle. Now I admire my own mum even more for always telling me to go and travel x

    1. We LOVE that, Lisa! Thanks for being here with us and sharing 🙂 I have a daughter who I expect will follow suit as well!
      Wild hearts and free spirits 🙂

  2. Most of the people are thinking is solo traveling is easy but experienced traveler said solo traveling is not easy. I am also solo traveler but I am reading your blog and I get the solo traveling info it’s really helpful for me. Thanks for great points share about solo traveling. It’s very helpful for solo travelers.

  3. What great writing! When I started solo traveling a few years back, I was a student with no lavish money. But I was determined about one thing, I need to go out and see those beautiful things with an open eye. I can feel what you are trying to portray here. Cheers!
    Hey Bianca, this is another article I found beautiful like yours: https://bit.ly/3dqNxAk
    You can check this one as well and share your views about this.

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