Hotel: Casa Talia

Where: Sicily, Southern Italy (Modica is near Noto and Ragusa.)

Highlights: Small bed & breakfast // Independent units with private terraces // Ample outdoor space with gardens and hammocks // Breakfast served outdoors under the olive tree // Views of the historical city // Local materials: stone walls, lime plaster, cane roofs and tiled floors renovated by the owners/architects

Surroundings: Casa Talia is Stylish Sicily. It’s located in the mountain town of Modica on the Island of Sicily. The town is a UNESCO Heritage Site and is located at the south of the island close to the sea. The surrounding countryside is characterized by stone walls, olive trees, almond trees and carobs. The nearby harbour of Pozzallo has a hydrofoil that will take you to Malta.

We bring our Sicily Tour clients here each year and loooove it. You’ll cry at the breakfast garden. So stunning.

Rates: Doubles from 150 Euro.

Check out our Sicily tour and we’ll make your vacation in Sicily magical.  

With love,  Bianca Gignac / Founder

Photo credits top to bottom: Andrea Ferrari, except #3/4 by Simone Aprile, #2 by Matteo Cirenei

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  1. Oh my. I certainly hope I can afford one of your Italian vacations either next year or in the near future. This is heavenly.

    1. The view from under the olive tree is what had me. Then I looked at the rooms and I was like, oh yeah, gotta share this beauty. Thanks Lisa. xx Bianca

  2. Ciao Bianca!
    I’ll check out Casa Talia.
    I’m going to our villa in Chianti in September but making a trip to Sicily this time and I can’t wait to see what you post on tips for Sicily in the Gigi Guides!

    Everything you’ve suggested in Florence I’ve loved so far and I already thought I knew Florence! Great job on the guides. I’m sharing them on my new travel section on my site.
    Ciao for now, Lisa http://www.insidebydesign.com

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