I woke up in our adorable Positano hotel to rain and thunder. Sweet relief. Hallelujah!

With the storm the temperature has dropped, and all is well with the world.

The air felt clean. I sat on my deck overlooking the boats and the sea. I notice my bare feet marked with Birkenstock tan lines (a non-sexy but true sign of a great summer).

I went downstairs in search of tea, and a quiet writing spot as my famiglia slept peacefully wrapped in starched sheets, surely soothed by rain on the patio.

Don’t you love that sound?

#BiancaTravelTip: Positano Hotels

Would you like to visit Positano? Are you trying to pick the best place to stay?

Then here are my next questions: Are you staying less than four nights? Or do you have a car to park?

If yes, then stay in a hotel along the road. I know it sounds lame to be on the road, but it’s a pretty tiny road.

By staying at a hotel you can reach by car you a) don’t have to struggle with parking your car b) finding your hotel on foot c) navigating the stairs with luggage.

I always see people doing these buzz-killing in the Cinque Terre, and I know better than to do it in Positano.

Of course, if you’re staying for a week rent and cool apartment right in the village. But for an in-and-out situation don’t bother!

We stayed at Al Barilotto Del Nonno.

Their patio is decorated with dried gourds hanging from the roof. We were treated very kindly by the family. They even sang songs at dinner one night, (and there wasn’t a dry eye at our table).

Check out pics on my Instagram.

The hotel is not a rip-off. Positano is full of chic hotels (which of course I love), but because I know how hard it is to travel in small places in Italy, I wanted practical-with-a-car above all else.

Plus I’m with my down-to-earth Italian husband (meaning anywhere that rips you off, or is full of people taking selfies pretending to be posh, is off the radar).

With love + Positano-lemon granita,

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