living la dolce vita overlooking Vernazza with a flower in hand


It’s 1PM on a Wednesday in Florence, and you’re on your way to pick up ingredients for lunch. Warm cobblestones under your feet. The smell of fresh espresso in the air. You feel like you’re truly living la dolce vita.

But your newly discovered deli, run by a charming couple in their 50s, has pulled down the blinds and hung up a new sign on their door: Chiuso.


Some frantic thoughts racing through your mind might include:

“Oh my god. How inconvenient.”

“What will I do now?”

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Post image for You, on this beach, in Cinque Terre, Italy

I want to add some oxygen to your wanderlust with a few breathtaking images.

Better than reading a work email, amiright? 😉

Today I’m highlighting the Cinque Terre and sprinkling in some pics from moments we’ve snapped over the years.

First, I’d like you to meet the village of Monterosso. We stay right in the historic center of the Old Town, just steps from the sea.

Monterosso is our home base, but of course we visit the other villages as well — you can’t go to the Cinque Terre and not see all cinque of the towns!

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Post image for Places we ????  to recommend: Positano, Matera, Puglia.

We’re sending out a jolt of good old fashioned inspiration today to get your heart swelling and the smiles going as you dream about your next Italian holiday.

I mean, are these pics from our Southern Italy tour the most luscious, or what?

We start on the Amalfi Coast — three take-your-breath-away nights in iconic Positano.

Check out the panoramic view from our hotel!

Of course heading down the coast on a boat is on the itinerary…

…to check out the super ugly town of Amalfi (wink wink) 😉

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