Dear Venice. A Love Letter

venice flooding restaurant

If you haven’t seen the news this week, Venice has been hit by severe flooding.  It’s heartbreaking to see the toll it’s taken on the city, and the way it’s […]

Montalcino: Tuscany’s Top Secret

montalcino tuscan hills and cypress trees

There’s a top-secret, teeny-tiny town tucked into the hills of Tuscany: Montalcino. Population? 5000. Views? Try the highest hilltop in Tuscany. Vineyards? Also about 5000. Montalcino is on our radar […]

Things to Do in Lake Como: Visit Varenna

boats on lake como near Varenna

Looking for things to do in Lake Como and Varenna? Besides simply just being there, of course. We’ve got insider intel that will help you maximize 24 hours in the […]

Lecce: The Florence of The South

Eating on the streets of Lecce

We spy with our little eye a new love affair brewing in Southern Italy: you + Lecce. Usually overshadowed by her shinier counterparts in Southern Italy –– the Amalfi Coast […]

A Perfect Day In Florence

Perfect Day in Florence walking through the streets

Is there such a thing as a Perfect Day in Florence? As far we’re concerned, when it involves secret strolls through winding alleys, experiencing the city with Italian friends, and […]