Secret Italian Islands

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

secret Italian islands

When most people conjure up a map of Italy, they picture the boot, and maybe Sicily, the triangular soccer ball it’s kicking. Sardinia’s there too, of course, out in the Tyrrhenian Sea beneath Corsica.

Those are the big islands, the obvious ones, and they are magnificent.

But there are other Italian islands — smaller ones that are usually forgotten, or that many visitors don’t even know about. Those are the ones you want to be on.

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solo travel as a female

How many times have you almost booked the perfect flight and dreamy hotel on an impulse at 1 am, only to hurriedly close your browser tabs and think to yourself: maybe solo travel isn’t for me.

I know. It can feel intimidating.

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living la dolce vita overlooking Vernazza with a flower in hand


It’s 1PM on a Wednesday in Florence, and you’re on your way to pick up ingredients for lunch. Warm cobblestones under your feet. The smell of fresh espresso in the air. You feel like you’re truly living la dolce vita.

But your newly discovered deli, run by a charming couple in their 50s, has pulled down the blinds and hung up a new sign on their door: Chiuso.


Some frantic thoughts racing through your mind might include:

“Oh my god. How inconvenient.”

“What will I do now?”

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